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Mary Anne Charity Trust is a non-governmental service organization, which was started in the year 1996. It was registered under the Indian Trust Act. MACT was started with a Vision to serve the poor and vulnerable communities. The organisations’ work began with an old age home and over the years the organisation has grown as a development organisation.

The growth from a charitable organisation to a development organisation occurred when MACT undertook a baseline line survey around the villages of Rajalipatti villages to understand their socio – economic status. The findings of the survey revealed that the children had no access to education; many of the children had dropped out from school because of low economic status, in addition to it the health status of the communities, especially the children was poor. They were exposed to various form of violation of rights, hence MACT felt the need to intervene to work for the rights of the children.

Thus MACT’s has now grown into a child focussed development organisation. MACT has also made an impact as an organisation that advocates for human rights especially in the area of environment and health.

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