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MACT began as a charitable organisation, but over the years it has moved from a charitable to a development organisation that advocates for human rights pertaining to health, education and environment.
Growth of MACT:

1996 – Registration of MACT under the Indian Trust Act, with a registered office at Trichy district. Initiation of a old age home at Rajalipatti, Pudukottai district.

2000 – Launching of development programmes, conducted need assessment in 18 village in Pudukottai district for intervention. Identified three focus areas – Education, Health and Environment

2002 – Started a children’s movement initially in 2 villages.

2003 – Set up the headquarters in Chennai

2004 – Started involving in child rights issue and initiated children’s movement unit where child were empowered to exercise their rights.

2005 - Partnership with government for health program and MACT was selected as the mother NGO for Pudukottai district.

2006/ 2007– Stated involving in right based issues, like housing rights, tobacco control and conducted campaigns. Also initiated bridge school for the migrant labourers children working in bricklins at Poonamalle block in Tiruvallur district. Eviction at porur area, life skill training, zero eviction campaign program.

Started children’s home at Rajalipatti for eviction affected children in Chennai slums and for the children working in the bricklin as child labours. The children in our target villages who are in need of institutional care because of poverty are also admitted in the children’s home.

2008 – MACT began advocating and lobbying to influence government policy on tobacco related issues, it was one of the first few organisations to campaign for the pictorial warning in tobacco products. The Government of India implemented pictorial warning from May 2009.

2009 - MACT initiated the ‘campaign against tobacco free world’ through the Children movement and Children against Tobacco (CAT) network. MACT also joined hands with network organisations in influencing the government to ban smoking in public places. MACT worked alongside the corporation of Coimbatore and Villupuram them as ‘smoke free districts’.

2010 – Developed a resource centre at Rajalipatti with a library, documentation centre and training centre. MACT also developed a strategic plan for 5 years and re- organised its programs and staff structure in order to achieve its long term Vision and Mission.

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