What is Playback Theatre ?
Entertainment has always been a part of our lives. So have been dramas and movies with it. These were and are the stories of people who lived or are living. The Characters speak and emote as we do in real life. The difference being the additional factor of sale ability.

Away from this, a Playback theatre is one where the performers take the story of an audience and enact it in front of them. The edge is, you get to see someone perform your role on the stage. Anotherperson make the decisions you made, cry and laugh in your place. You sit in front and see not only stories but playback theatre artists also bring to screen the momentary emotions and conflicts between the decision of brain and mind. The story teller chooses from the team, one person to perform each character in his story. This reality brought in focus help you to analyses yourself. Analyze your thoughts, your decisions and your future.


When was playback theatre started ?

Playback Theatre is a spontaneous Theatre with its unique features and mannerisms. It moved out to stand on its own in 1975, when Jonathan Fax gave it the form of Playback Theatre. Currently Jo Salas & Co. is spread over 30 countries.


What is Sterling Playback Theatre?

The journey started in 2000 when one of the participants in the workshop conducted by Bev Hosking (New Zealand) and Mary Good (Australia) decided to pursue this Playback form of theatre in Chennai. With that first step Sterling stands here today among the first few in India as a 6 year old Playback Theatre.

Sterling Playback Theatre conducts voluntary programmes in old age homes, children homes committed with its 40 plus member strength. Each of this had not only touched the lives of many but also brought unity and warmth between the members of the group and their audience as well.

What has Sterling Playback Theatre done?

  • A performance at Marina Beach, Chennai the first outdoor performance by Sterling was the unique of its kind and had a great response from the viewers.

  • As a special care towards the Junior Citizens of our country in the Juvenile home - Chennai, we offer monthly shows at their premises
  • Other key shows during the past 6 years were conducted at Little Drops, CMS Children Home, Mercy Home, Indian Council for Child Welfare.


“ You are your best friend and worst enemy too”

An individual can bring the best out of him/her when he/she has a better understanding of self and the society. Our vision is to enable every human to think better and find better solutions, overcome agonies and get enriched with what the future holds for them.

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