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Child participation

MACT believes that children can play a key role in the sustainable development of the communities, districts, state and country at large and hence all the programs of MACT will have a child focus and therefore the strategy adopted by MACT is that an entry to any new target village will begin the initiation of children movement. MACT also believes in practicing child participation through their programs

MACT’s programs practices child participation involving, encouraging and enabling children to make their views known on the issues that affect them. It ensures their freedom to express themselves and takes their views into account when coming to decisions that affect their lives.

The need to promote child participation by MACT was because of the growing emphasis on child rights.

 MACT practices child participation by involving children in the planning, implementing and monitoring all its programs like 100 trees plantation, campaign for child related issues like child trafficking, child labour system, tobacco free world, health camps, environment etc. MACT recognises the value of children’s knowledge and contributions and provide space for

• Sharing of experience and expertise from children
• Learning from children
• Make decisions about issues affecting them and also provide support to implement
• Helping children and adults to understand child rights and responsibilities.
• Sharing power with children.

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