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1. Payanam (The Journey ) with English sub titles

It is a short film on the issues related to school drop outs and child labour. Available in the CD format.

2. Nature ‘s death – (Tamil & English)

It is a documentary on the destruction of India’s largest wetland of the Pallikaranai Marshland. Available in the CD format.

3. Agaram – with English subtitles

A short film on the importance of girl child education. This was done in collaboration with the department of Education, Chennai.

4. Avoid

A short film on the evils of smoking.

5. III World war

A strong advocacy and sensitisation tool on tobacco control.

6. Traditional stories

These story books are in the book format. These books are primarily published to preserve the traditional stories. These books can be used in non formal classes, adult education classes, reading class program to improve the reading skills.

        * Palagara malai – Tamil

         This story is about a mother and daughter who found a treasure of gold while working in the fields and how they used it to develop themselves and others

        * Ulaipe Uyarvu - Tamil

         This story is about 3 friends , out of whom 2 were lazy. The story reiterates the need for hard work to come up in life.

        * Sumai thangi - Tamil

         This story retiterates that honesty is the best policy. The story is about a man who was honest with good intention and how he was rewarded in the end.

        * Paatu Pulavan – Tamil

         This story is about a person whose singing skills paid him at the end, though it was not recognised initially.

        * Navadakam – Tamil

         A moral story on how one should be careful of what we speak in order to avoid problems.

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