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A library is functional at Rajalipatti, this was started with an objective to developing the reading habits of the target communities especially the children.  The children are provided books on various subject free of cost. Mobile libraries/ exhibitions are also conducted at schools during the reading class program.
The library has the following departments:

a. Reference section – this books are available only for reference and would not be given for lending.

b. Lending library – the books will be given to the members, the membership amount will be collected and membership cards will be issued. The children from the children movement csn use their id cards as membership cards.

c. Book bank – books and questionnaires for children appearing for board exams will be available here. The children from the children movement can lend these books for one whole academic year and return it at the end of the year.

d. Reading class Library – Reading class library is specifically maintained for the reading class program – the story books and flash cards are available and only the book fairies have access to these books who can lend it to children attending the reading class programme.

e. Children activity Centre library – Children activity centre library is maintained at the village centres by the tuition teachers.  


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