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Reading Class

The Reading Class Programme helps and concentrates on developing the reading skills of the children through book fairies. We develop the reading skills of children at primary school level in corporation, municipal and Panchayat schools within the school hours in the school premise with the participation of the school teachers and authorities. They are taught through story telling methods, games and play way method. Teaching aid materials are used that are being welcomed by the children.

This program was started in the year 2004, at present it is conducted in Pudukottai, Trichy and Ponamalle block of Kancheepuram district covering about 15 government schools with due approval from the education department. The children are categorized according to their reading ability through few tests. The weakest children are taught to read through innovative and play way methods. Book fairies are appointed to conduct these classes.

The children are assessed, not to grade them but to give extra attention and efforts to bring them in to the category of slow, medium and fast readers. The children are graded as –A : Alphabet Learners , Grade – B: Slow Learners ,Grade : C: Fast Learners. The A group students are taught alphabets through games, the B – group are taught through flash cards which is full of attractive pictures such as birds, animals etc are mostly liked by the children. The C- group learners are provided with books on different subjects and story books to read and narrating it to others.

The programme has been successful in improving the performance of the children in their academics and even the school authorities have appreciated of the reading class, seeing the impact the neighbouring schools have also requested for such programmes in their schools.



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