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Children Activity Center

The children activity centre, which is also called as ‘Verkal Children’s movement activity centre’ was initiated to bring in a overall development in a child. 20 such children activity centres in Trichy, Pudhukottai districts are functional. Through the activity centre, children are given tuition and also encouraged to improve their extra- curricular activities in sports, cultural and other hobbies. A lending library is also functional where children can access several books on different topics to improve their reading skills.

The activity centre provides a platform for a wholistic development of the children. This centre is also maintained and by the children movement, they are involved in the planning and monitoring of the activity centre. The children are enrolled in the activity centre and registers are maintained with their name, age, class, date of birth and parents’ name. The activity centre provides tuition classes from Monday to Friday for two hours in the evening. Tuition teachers are appointed to support the children with their studies. On every Saturday other activities like quiz programmes, games, sports, drawing and other competitions are conducted to improve the talents and skills of the children.

On the Sundays, the Vergal children’s movement meetings are conducted. The activity centre also has a library, where the children have access to different books to develop their reading skills and habits. The children through the centre also maintain program related documents like Village maps for hundred tree plantation projects, records on the campaigns on health and environment etc for information sharing and reference.



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