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Climate Justice

Global warming, or climate change, is fundamentally an issue of human rights more so for child rights and environmental justice. With rising temperatures, human lives–particularly people of low-income, and Indigenous communities–are affected by compromised health, financial burdens, and social and cultural disruptions.
Climate justice advocates are working from the grassroots up to create solutions to our climate and energy problems that ensure the right of all people to live, work, play in safe, healthy, and clean environments..

MACT is involved in climate action and climate justice through sensitising the communities on eco – friendly practices and behavioural and attitudinal change. This again is carried through the children movement. The children are involved in e communities are

Child participation in climate change.
Child participation in Climate change brings together a commitment to share knowledge, co-ordinate their actions and to work with children as agents of change. MACT is committed to effective protection and meaningful participation of children in our changing climate.

MACT promotes children participation in climate change by strengthening their knowledge on climate change and the need to adopt mitigating measures. Knowledge and methods of mitigating climate change are provided, who in turn sensitise their families and larger communities.

It also provides the children to advocate for their right to safe environment and protection and thus are capacitated to conduct campaigns and advocate for issues in climatic change policies of the government.

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