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100 trees program

100 trees plantation is one of the unique projects of MACT, the objective of this project is to plant 100 trees in each target villages. This program was initiated when one of the members of the Children’s Movement was given a sapling to be planted during the Environment day celebration held at Rajalipatty for the children movement. The child had planted the sapling in a place near by a water tank and took care of it. This plant later grew big and the villagers were happy about that it was the boy who took care of the tree and that it was useful to the village now. This motivated the organisation and the children movement to promote tree plantation in their target villages. Thus the project, “Plant Hundred Trees per Village” was initiated by the members of the Children’s Movement The children belonging to the children’s movement of that particular village are responsible for the growth and monitoring of the tree. About 36 target villages have been completed so far.

Objective of the Project

• To motivate the children to love and care for the nature through involving them in the “Plant Hundred Trees per village –Project”
• To think and work for the promotion of “Environment care and Nature Friendly”
• To prepare the universe a better place to live for the future generation
• To save the children from Fluoride poisonous mineral, that damages the teeth of the children.

Purpose of selecting Neem plant for “Plant Hundred Trees per Village – Project”

• When other trees are being planted, the villagers cut it down for fire wood, house construction etc.
• One of the beliefs by the people is that the Neem tree is considered “Sacred Plant”, and hence they do not cut it down.
• Neem is very much useful for the “Medicinal purpose”.
• The Neem tree absorbs only 50 litres of water for its growth per kg., whereas other plants like Velikathan tree, eucalyptus, bamboos, etc absorbs more than 1000 litres of water per kg. These plants are dangerous threat for the decrease in ground water level.

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