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Child labour system

MACT has been involved in addressing the child labour system at Tiruvallur district, through conducting transit school, hence it gained network support to abolish the child labour system and influence the government to implement the policy.

MACT has been involved in conducting studies on the nature, vulnerability, levels of child labour in Tiruvallur district. MACT had also collaborated with ILO for conducting campaigns and lobbying for abolition of child labour system.
In order to create awareness at the judiciary level, MACT also invited the Magistrate of Juvenille Welfare board to the target area and personally witness the child being exploited through child labour.

MACT has been involved in conducting many campaigns and sensitising the bricklin chambers on the issue of child labour. MACT has also established strong linkages with like minded organisation working on child labour issues to create a greater impact in the policy change and implementation.

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