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Climate Justice

Since the 1970s there has been growing concern about rapid and unusual changes in the world’s weather. This concern started among scientists, but has more recently become an issue of global importance that is discussed among many different people, from local farmers to national governments at international level. Due to climate change, weather patterns are becoming more erratic. A rise in global temperature is resulting in less predictable rainfall patterns, more frequent droughts, stronger heat waves and more intense weather hazards, such as flooding and cyclones (typhoons/ hurricanes). These changes are already having a devastating impact on people’s lives in many parts of the world, particularly in poorer countries.

MACT through various networks and campaigns is involved in advocating on the issue of climate change/ climate justice in the light of mitigating and adapation of eco – friendly measures. MACT also has been involved in activities like strengthening the NGO forum network, mainstreaming the concept of climate change in the projects of the organizations, develop, collect, document and share the real cases of adaptation practices at community, district and national level and feed the information to the government, sensitize the community members and other stakeholders on climate change related issues. Capacity building and training to the professional members of the organizations.

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